PTFA March2018 Newsletter out now!

Pleae have a read of our latest newsletter for all the latest updates on PTFA fundraising and events coming up - see link below to open the attachment.

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PTFA launches campaign to fund Defibrillators

Support the School Lottery and help us to raise money for a DEFIBRILLATOR, a vital life-saving piece of equipment.

The PTFA is aiming to raise money towards purchasing two external automated defibrillators (AEDs) and will be pledging part of the money raised from the School Lottery to this cause to fund one defibrillator, as well as funding other important initiatives.  So please spread the word and help us to achieve this crucial goalFrom every £1 spent on a lottery ticket, 40p goes back to our school.  A defibrillator can save lives and the school lottery costs as little as £1 per week.  Please help us to raise money for a defibrillator by buying a lottery ticket today at:-

 Thank you for your support



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PTFA wins funding to secure future of brass provision at Five Ways!

With the help of parents who have supported events we have pleasure in announcing a successful grant application which has enabled Five Ways to purchase a set of musical instruments.  Mr McFarlane has purchased a set of 35 instruments with funds raised by the PTFA and a grant from the EMI Music Sound Foundation, an independent music education charity set up to improve young people's access to music education in England and Ireland. 

In July last year Mr McFarlane lead teacher of music approached the PTFA for help to raise money to continue brass tuition at Five Ways as it was in jeopardy due to school budgetary constraints.  After research into various funding streams the PTFA discovered the EMI Music Sound Foundation and submitted a bid.  Following a competitive process and much demand on funds, we heard that our bid had been successful and Five Ways was awarded an EMI grant of £1,000.  The PTFA contributed £1,728 which has enabled the school to purchase 35 brass instruments (25 pTrumpets and 10 pTrombones).

Mr McFarlane, said, “ I am thrilled that with the help of the PTFA we have been able to purchase a set of brass instruments so that we can continue the excellent brass tuition at Five Ways.  Every child in Year 5 has been given a brass instrument and as part of their music provision during the year, they will learn how to play their instrument.   Not only does it benefit the Year 5 cohort, but also allows us to offer very competitive follow-on tuition and instrument hire for the Year 6 cohort and allows us to keep and grow the school Wind Band year on year.  These new instruments will benefit all the children at Five Ways as they enter into KS2 and will potentially benefit them into their adult lives".

The EMI grant, matched with PTFA’s contribution will make a huge difference to our school.  It will enable Five Ways to continue with the current excellent brass provision and will enable give KS2 children the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and read music.  There is lots of evidence to suggest that learning a musical instrument at Primary School has numerous great benefits.  It can boost a child’s confidence and learning in other areas and lead to improvements in reading, writing and arithmetic. 

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School wins £3,000 in Tesco Bags of Help Initiative!!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the maximum grant of £3,000 from Tesco following voting in our local stores.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents and supporters who voted, and also to the lovely Tesco employees who gave tokens out at the tills whenever asked.  This money will now be used to purchase additional reading resources across the school and will certainly help to improve reading opportunities for pupils.


PTFA Newsletter out now!

The Autumn edition of our Newsletter is now out.  Please see link below

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AGM 3rd October 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held on 3rd October and was well attended by both existing and new members.   The Chair and Treasurer presented their reports summarising activity and fundraising over the past year.   The existing Committee stood down and voting took place for the new Committee for the year ahead. 


The PTFA Committee 2017-18

Chairman - Neil Dalby

Vice Chair - Christie Gray

Secretary - Dilly Lidder

Treasurer - Kerrie Tranter

Ordinary Members:   Helen Phillips, Sarah Edgar, Tim Alcott


If you were unable to attend please have a read of the officer reports below.

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PTFA Newsletter out now!

Please take a moment to catch up on all our latest news in the attached Newsletter!

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