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Vision Statement

Five Ways is an inclusive school where all members of the school community are valued for the contribution they make to its success.  Pupils are treated as individuals and are encouraged to build upon their strengths and talents whilst setting challenging targets for their future learning.

At Five Ways we believe that all children can succeed and use our creative culture to ensure that our curriculum inspires and challenges pupils regardless of ability or background.

Our philosophy of grouping pupils according to current attainment and using the talents of specialist teachers to teach from staged learning objectives, ensures that all pupils and staff are encouraged to reach their full potential in a positive, inspirational environment.  Pupils are taught and encouraged to be effective, independent learners and as such develop the foundations for a life-long love of learning.

At Five Ways we have high expectations for all our pupils, both academically and socially.  We use a well-planned curriculum to teach our children how to work together effectively and to promote individual choice and related consequences.  Our pupils recognise that their school is part of a wider community and understand that they have a responsibility to be a good citizen within that community and the wider world.

Working in partnership with parents and other school stakeholders is central to our success.  We believe that working together with parents and carers enhances our pupils' education and strengthens the school community.

Pupils, staff, parents and governors are proud of our school and work effectively together to ensure that, through a culture of continuous development, we remain a place where everyone can learn and achieve together.