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What the PTFA means

What the PTFA means to our school

Because Five Ways PTFA involves the whole school community we thought you would like to know what others think about our PTFA. 

From the Governing Body:

“The PTFA are invaluable, not only for money that they raise, but also for the help and support that they continually give to the school" - Les Bullock, Chair of Governors

From our Headteacher:

“I am totally overwhelmed by the support and dedication of the PTFA. PTFA activities not only provide us with exciting social events, but also raise funds which help to give the children such an enjoyable education, through new resources. The PTFA’s contribution to the school community provides a collective of professional skills, innovation and new ideas, creativity and collaborative working practices. Our PTFA has achieved so much, and I look forward to continuing this valuable partnership in the coming years” -  Mrs Rachel Mander, Headteacher

From the children:

“The PTFA is fun! I have used the new lap top trolley and it is amazing” - Molly Hitchen, 

“I enjoy all of the things the PTFA does. The disco and Easter Egg Hunt are my favourites. I like to do everything they organise because it is fun” - Harry Dalby,