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Anti-Idling - 08/10/2021

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You may be aware that we are working very closely with Ryan Procter, who is our Travel Advisor, to create healthier lifestyles for our pupils.  Our most recent venture is to reduce pollution around school. 

We need your help to reduce pollution for our pupils.

  • Idling is the main source of air pollution around the school.
  • Every minute, idling cars pump about 150 balloons worth of very harmful pollutants into the air we breathe.
  • If everyone switched off their engine when dropping off or picking up their child, air pollution around school would fall by a huge 30%.

If you or a member of your family drives to school to drop off or collect your child, please support us by parking as far away from the school site as possible, and switch off your engine whilst you are waiting. 

Thank you for your support.