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Bella selected to play for Staffordshire County Cricket Team - 14/05/2021

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I am pleased to report that another pupil at Five Ways is demonstrating exceptional skill and attitude towards sport.  Bella Rouse, who is a pupil in Mr Doughty’s class in Year 6, has been selected to play cricket for the Girls’ Staffordshire County Team.  This is an outstanding achievement!  Bella has written a short extract to explain her success as follows:

‘My name is Bella and I thought that I would tell you something that I have achieved recently that I am very proud of …

I got into Staffordshire COUNTY cricket team, I am so happy about it.

Here’s a little story about how I got in.  My old cricket coach (Tom) thought I had improved so much and encouraged me to try out for the Girls’ Staffordshire County Cricket Team.  My mom emailed the Staffordshire County Cricket coach and arranged for me to take part in a trial.  My mom and I had a big talk about the commitment that I would need to show if I was successful.  Following the trial, the coach spoke to my mom saying he was very impressed with me.  The next day I received an email from the coach stating that I had been selected to play for the Girls’ Staffordshire County Cricket Team!  My whole family were so proud and happy for me.  So that is the story about how I got into the Girls’ Staffordshire County Cricket Team.’

Well done Bella! This is an outstanding accomplishment; you are a credit to Five Ways.