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Laches Wood 2023

Laches Wood 2023


We have had a super first day and have been very busy doing lots of activities. We are off to Carding Mill Valley tomorrow for a walk and an ice-cream! 

Rock Climbing      BMX       Frisbee Golf        Indoor Rock Room     Caving    Caving    Archery1    Archery2      Archery3      Archery4          Rock Room2       Dining Hall1      Dining Hall2          Rock Room      BMX2


Due to the extreme heat and the unshaded areas at Carding Mill Valley, the management at Laches Wood made the decision to change our day visit to Cannock Chase. The children were fantastic and completed an amazing 8K walk and we saw parts of Cannock Chase many of them had never seen before!

Chase Walk1         Chase Walk2         Chase Walk3     Chase Walk4         Camp Fire1      Camp Fire2       Camp Fire3          Camp Fire4            Camp Fire5           Chase Walk5         Chase Walk6      Chase Walk7      Chase Walk8       Chase Walk9         Chase Walk10         Chase Walk11      Chase Walk12       Chase Walk13     Chase Walk14      Chase Walk15        Chase Walk16


Rock Room1      Rock Room2       Rock Room3       Rock Room4        Rock Room5        Rock Room6     Climbing1         Climbing2          Climbing3          Climbing4        Canoeing1         Canoeing2        Canoeing3     Canoeing4      Canoeing5             Canoeing6        High Ropes 1      High Ropes 2             High Ropes 3     High Ropes 4     High Ropes 5          High Ropes 6             BMX1        BMX2       Archery1    Caving       Archery2


Last full day at Laches Wood...and it has been a hot one! Lots of super adventures from climbing to the top of the climbing wall to canoeing on the canal. See you all tomorrow!

Canoeing1       Canoeing2        Canoeing3       Canoeing4      Canoeing5    Canoeing6        Canoeing7      Canoeing8         Canoeing9          Canoeing10       Climbing1       Climbing2         Climbing3      Climbing4      Climbing5          Climbing6        Climbing7         Search&Rescue1       Search&Rescue2        Search&Rescue3        RockRoom        Canoeing11      Canoeing12      Canoeing13      Canoeing14